Week1 Introduction to the 8 practices?

This is an Internship in fashion design development and not a course. The Outcome of this program will result in 1) the best design award for fashion Designers. 2) The Best Range Plan Award for Buying & Merchandising and 3) The Best Digital Marketing award for Marketing

Week1 & Week2 Sensing?

Trend Superforcaster is an animal that demonstrates some degree of mastery in trend forecasting. In this module, we will examine the attributes of a super forecaster as identified by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner in their book Superforecasting The Art & Science of prediction. And we will get to experience applying the essence of it in the realm of fashion trend forcasting.
8 steps to generative Innovation in fashion

To generate innovation in fashion there is no particular process, it’s a practice of 8 distinctions that are based on the proven body of work in the realm of innovation. The 8 Steps are:

  1. Sensing Fashion
  2. Envisioning
  3. Generating
  4. Adoption
  5. Curation
  6. Showback
  7. Rendering
  8. Trunkshow