Introduction to cocooing?

In this unit I will talk a little about my background and how, as a Marketing Professional, I took on board all types of influences from across design, Merchandising, Product development, Brand Marketing, advertising and communication from all over the world. Then I’ll share some of my influences which got translated into the 8 practices, and how all these 8 distinctions applied  in my 3 decades of work shows up towards your Brand and Merchandising transformation, fusing words and images in an interesting and unusual way.

Introduction to the 8 practices?

This is a T-Shape program in fashion design development and not a course. The Outcome of this program will result in 1) the best design award for fashion Designers. 2) The Best Range Plan Award for Buying & Merchandising and 3) The Best Digital Marketing award for Marketing


Trend Superforcaster is an animal that demonstrates some degree of mastery in trend forecasting. In this module, we will examine the attributes of a super forecaster as identified by Philip Tetlock and Dan Gardner in their book Superforecasting The Art & Science of prediction. And we will get to experience applying the essence of it in the realm of fashion trend forcasting.


We will now elevate from the state of sensing to envisioning, where having observed the patterns of breakdowns and patterns of breakthroughs, it's time to notice the rhythms of life in these experiences and as an artist colors and embellish them into completing stories.


We will observe how we generate our product creation in distance, time and form. And it will happen in our conversation. The distinction between description and practice is deep and fundamental. For example, your final line is like a Map which is not the territory. The sample-set is your Product in its real existence or in 3d form which you can visualise.


Adoption is a practice based on a commitment to solving a human-centric problem. This practice results in integrity-based innovation


Art of Curation is about Selection, Organising and offering personalised tailored choices to help clients buy. Its is opposite of selling what you already have.


Its a process of pretotyping what your consumer cannot visualise and help them find what they really want

Story Telling (Show Back)?

It's a presentation curated collection ready to go to market. To understand what value it will deliver to estimate and forecast its full-price sell-through.

Trade Show (Trunk Show)?

It's a Realty Check preview of your collection to create the marketing buzz and exclusivity with an invite-only approach. The outcome of this distinction is to create consumer-generated content as part of its pre launch.
About the Brand Distinctions and the Practices

To Create a high recall and high growth brand in fashion there is no particular process, it’s a practice of 8 distinctions that are based on the proven body of work in the realm of innovating fashion. The 8 Steps are:

  1. Sensing Fashion
  2. Envisioning
  3. Generating
  4. Adoption
  5. Curation
  6. Showback
  7. Rendering
  8. Trunkshow