Co-Create Your 3d Sample with the Design Wolf Design Mentor.?

Create your 3D Avatar and customise it as per your Brand Salience. In this session, you will additionally co-create one style option of your choice with the help of the Senior Design Mentor. This Session will Transform the way you will work going forward using our Pertotyping Approach to Product Development.

Your Ready-Aim-Fire Approach to Product Development?

You will work out your Demand Manufacturing approach basis your product assortment and mind to market bue print in this session

Build your Brand Avatar – Persona, Body Shape and Appearance?

Know your body shape measurements and choose the right Avatar type

Re-Write your Product Design Development Process?

You will build your scalable, market-responsive product development strategy with a new age digital foot print

Create your Basic Blocks of Key items?

You will identify the key items of your collection using the Pretotyping process and arrive at its basic blocks which will work as a template to build your style library

Develop the Themes & Collections for Prototyping?

At this stage, you will get to build your themes to identify and develop your print ideas and other attributes like fabrications and silhouettes for your collection

Create you 3d collection?

You will create about 10 to 25 items using our virtual 3d software to capture your initial line feedback from your potential clinets and other stake holders

Gather Consumer generated feedback on Pricing , Style and other Product attributes?

This will be the defining moment of your workshop which will give you objective feedback about your product before you go with your protype sample development.



This will be a review of your collection with a group of industry expert panellists and some of your key consumers o help you with the buy plan and pricing strategy and a solution for any challenges you would need to address.


You will organise a show back to preview and soft launch your collection in a phygial environment using the bespoken saas tool
Scope of this Paid Module

You will schedule your session for the following scope:

  1. Create the Brand Profile Based Avatar, Properties & Measurements as per your Size Specs.
  2. Create one Dress or Coordinate basis your brief on the avatar with rendering and background.
  3. The Sample will be from our pre-existing blocks with small modification as per your styling. Any major modifications beyond one hour of work will be charged additionally basis the scope of work which needs to be quoted here 
  • This Session will not include animation which can be scheduled separately on the chargeable basis as per the hourly rate which needs to be confirmed on the WhatsApp here