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Basic Foundation in B&M

A case Study Approach

Fundamentals of B&M

Retail Math

Retail Price = Cost of Goods + Markup

Markup = Retail Price – Cost of Goods

Cost of Goods Sold = Retail Price – Markup

Break-Even Analysis: Fixed Costs/Gross Margin percentage

Contribution Margin: Total Sales – Variable Costs

Cost of Goods Sold: Beginning Inventory + Purchases – Ending Inventory

Gross Margin: Total Sales – Cost of Goods

Gross Margin Return on Investment: Gross Margin $ / Average Inventory Cost

Margin %: (Retail Price – Cost) / Retail Price

Inventory Turnover: Net Sales / Average Retail Stock

Initial Markup: % = (Expenses + Reductions + Profit) / (Net Sales + Reductions)

Maintained Markup:


Open to Buy:

Quick Ratio:


Sell-Through Rate

Stock-To-Sales Ratio

The Drawbacks to Mathematical Retail Pricing Formulas

Advanced Retail Pricing


Mastering Buying & Merchandising techniques will give you a point-of-difference from many of your competitors – a difference that will help you grow your business both Top line and Bottom line using our proprietary tools to help you accomplish higher full-price sell throughs

What to learn?

Basics of Buying and Merchandising that every fashion professional to take advantage of towards building their brand and the retail business.

Target Audience

  • Fashion Professional wanting to take the business of fashion to the next level


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Founder and president of Design Wolf believes that great ideas can transform the world. Jagdish Chawla is the guy who walks in with the unusual: a breakthrough strategy, a new concept, a creative execution that impacts, if not changes, the

Material Includes

  • Saas Tools



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