Introduction to Photoshop?

Photoshop, is not just meant to edit pictures, it is really useful for fashion designers and illustrators to create a super pleasing 2D illustrations, where we can show visually different types of fabric , even before constructing the garment. Since digital illustration is booming in this generation so is Photoshop.

Session 1: Basic knowledge of the tools

Session 2: Croqui importing and skin rendering

Session 3: Facial features, hair, clonning.

Q & A and Practice Session

Session 5: Garment construction

Session 6 : Brushes and Patterns

Session 7: Garments with Prints and Pattern

Q & A and Practice Session

Session 9: Fabric rendering

Session 10: Final garment (Luxury)

Q & A and Practice session

Session 12 : Final Garment submission

Art of Illustration

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