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Fashionomics – The fundamentals of fashion economics


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External Factors that Impact your as a Designers

Getting Present to the external factors will enable your to design your product strategies in terms of the Product attributes, Personalisation and level of innovation required to differential your design in the competitive landscape.
Crafting your Merchandising & Marketing Strategy

Pretotyping- A fashiononmist Tool


The Word Fashion and Economics when put together can cause it to be an oxymoron. Fashion is often treated as the opposite of rationality, thus they do not go hand in hand. “Fashion is not a perfect science and it’s fuzzy creativity” is a widely shared opinion in the world of economics. However, this program is designed to understand the economic undertones of fashion. How the “fast fashion” way of growing fashion has impacted the overall economy and what is a more sustainable way of redlining in today’s context. This program touches the core economic principles like the value of full-price sell-through and margin analysis to the new micro-factory and slow fashion perspectives and its impact on the long term development and sustainability.

The more relevant part of this program touches on the core attribute of why we buy fashion. It’s more to do with microeconomics and the shift in consumer behaviour towards fashion. and the paradigm shift in the way we look at luxury and fashion in the new post covid era.

What to learn?

It gives a Designer to view her creation through the lens of an economist without corrupting her designer mould. It lets you wear the glasses of an economist making you see what otherwise is not visible to her to add value and direction to his or her creation as a collection

Target Audience

  • Fashion Professionals


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Founder and president of Design Wolf believes that great ideas can transform the world. Jagdish Chawla is the guy who walks in with the unusual: a breakthrough strategy, a new concept, a creative execution that impacts, if not changes, the

Material Includes

  • Case study approach and an group assignment



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