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Advanced Program -10 Habits of a Super Forecaster
A Designer Buyer and Marketer of fashion has one common trait that makes them all Super forecaster. They build their qualitative lense to help them illuminate their fantasy into reality. They constantly build their qualitative muscle memory by participating in conversation which has a language of a qualitative thinker.
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Estimation: Do you dress differently on a 63-degree day than a 65-degree day? The point is while we need to keep the score we also need to understand how close can be good enough in fashion unless you are dealing with adding a chemical in a drug. 

9. go figure: an estimation sometimes good enough to get answers, perspectives and gain confidence in predicting a collection or trend.

10. look for the easy way out Your Swipe card is one easy way out, very intuitive to make to decide yes or no. and then leave for the wisdom of the crowds to work for you, while you go to sleep.

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