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Advanced Program -10 Habits of a Super Forecaster
A Designer Buyer and Marketer of fashion has one common trait that makes them all Super forecaster. They build their qualitative lense to help them illuminate their fantasy into reality. They constantly build their qualitative muscle memory by participating in conversation which has a language of a qualitative thinker.
fashion trend forecasting
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All you need to be is a “Fashionista” to win this tournament. apply here now

Fashionista: is to us a devoted follower of fashion, follower of the latest fashions. fashion initiator. Man-Women who has a flair for Elegance and Style.

All you need to do is enrol in the Program and Participate in the event.

How to Participate in the tournament?

  1. Join the bespoken partner program here – One-time free subscription as a Curator
  2. Create your Minimum 20 product idea Themeboard – What you feel is going to trend this Spring Summer 2022.
  3. Share your theme board with your communities of targeted profile to Swipe Right.
  4. Highest Right Swipes for your Top 3 styles uploaded will qualify for Interview
  5. Attend the Quiz and Interview with the board of Curators and stand a chance to final winner for the Tournament.




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