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Advanced Program -10 Habits of a Super Forecaster
A Designer Buyer and Marketer of fashion has one common trait that makes them all Super forecaster. They build their qualitative lense to help them illuminate their fantasy into reality. They constantly build their qualitative muscle memory by participating in conversation which has a language of a qualitative thinker.
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Navigational Tools: As the Columbus, you will be able to navigate to discover trends that are hidden to you and will now show up as your own insights.   

 2. Play Jeopardy: it’s a question game, and to what question is the number (suppose to be an answer) you as a trend forecaster must constantly ask to get to its root.

3. Live by the Pareto’s Law: It’s all about the 80-20 rule, 20 per cent of your tend will give you 80 per cent result, ask the right question to know which 20%   

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