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How it works

Upload Your Concept Idea Themeboard

Build Your Style -Print Assets

Download Ready For Production 2d/3d Pack

upload your Style fabric and Print ideas for our design team to build your fabric and style sheets for the season

Using the SaaS tool Build your Assortment Using our Asset Library of styles and assets and /or add create your new styles on the fly with our design team. An assured 30% improved Full Price Sell through can be obtained based on data backed Pricing and Consumer Insights tools.

Download the final 3d stills and /or animations ready for Gold Seal Sample.

This is the true formula for your Innovation and not the Renovation as explained in the video by Our Coach Ram Shreen CEO of Tukatech

Why its Faster Better & Sustainable?

We do the heavy weight lifting for your brand right from concept validation to Pattern development to Market intelligence to ensure you “Pretotype” your collection before building your final prototype.

What is Pretotyping- It’s a sustainable way to visualise your collection before you convert the idea into a fabric print or a sample garment. We help you also to define your market segment using our them board person market fit test. that will provide you with consumer-based feedback on your pricing and product attributes to help you make actionable decisions ensuring improved full-price sell-through like never before.

How does it work?

Step1to Step 6 is your way to make it work seamlessly using our subscription model. Once you upload your theme or generic idea in form of images or sketches our digital artist take you from there. We help you create the theme boards with line items or directly into 3d images you can share with your core team and if required with your target consumer audience. This presentation can be in a digital catalogue mode or in a research mode in for of the swipe cards. With Just 5 quick sessions max, you will have a hypo-zoom into what Price and what kind of styles your clients will prefer. During these 5 stages you will transition into your final transformed collection.


Step 1 Concept

Basis your end consumer segment, season and price points create your initial theme board and upload your style here.

Step 2 Style Fabric Curation

With the Help of our Our Design team and or your Creative inputs, we shortlist your initial styles in sketch and convert them into our 3d Swipe Link for your review and assessments

Step 3 Pretotype

With the Help of our Our Design team and or your Creative inputs, we shortlist your initial styles in sketch and convert them into our 3d Swipe Link for your review and assessments

Step 4 Build Assortment

At this stage, we enable you to create an assortment basis the Style Swipe assessment score based on qualitative and quantitative assessment of your collection basis multiple evaluations 

Step 5 Fulfillment

Based on the purchase order raised with us with advance as per our contracts we will place the orders basis the gold seal samples approved by you.

Our Process


Innovation In Fashion Initial concept, Trend Forecasting, Mood Board

Style & Fabric Curation

Cost Estimates,Print approvals Fabric Visualisation of 3d

Drop Shipping

State of Art Micro factory units to give smaller order quantities basis assured orders on hand.


Quick Validations from Retail Ops, Brand Managers and End Consumers

Build Assortment

Order Quantity basis FPST analysis using pretotyping statisitical tools

Delivery Scheduling

RFID based order tracking to final delivery with e-payment options

Collab Space Central 800 x 800 px 1

7 Practices

1. Sensing

Innovators in fashion have very deep sensibilities that influence their creation

3. Adoption

Its making the idea now part of your new belief which is always a challenge innovators accomplish

5. Curation

its the stage of making the fine tuned selection of the innovation curated for the market segment as per their taste and preserence

2. Envisioning

Envisioning is the ability to "See" Structures where there's none

4. Generation

This is making the adopted idea now percolate with the community at large.

6. Rendering

Building the prototype to seek real time feedback to further fine tune the innovation making it marketable

7. Story Telling

Building the story of the innovation that captures the attention and interest of the potential users of innvation

Collab Space Central 800 x 800 px 2 1


5 styles

upto 20 styles

upto 50 styles

The above Bundle offer includes 3 months of bespoken subscription worth Rs 20,000/-with Saas and Daas tolls for free for 3 months.

The 3D package includes 3d Still image + 2d Pattern as per your specs in DXF format.

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