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A passionate tribe of fashion architecture & design (FAD) Professionals!
A mission to amplify your mission through Digital Transformation, Market Intelligence, and Design & Product Development. Think of us as an extension of your brand–a fun, creative place you can count on to give you solid trend inputs, strategic insights, and data proven outcomes that’ll take your fashion brand exactly where you want it to go.

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Trend Research, Concept, Design Development,Virtual Fashion Prototyping, 3D Avatars, 2D Pattern Making, Digital Marker, Laser Cut Printing Services

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A/B Virtual Sample Testing by Body Shape, Digital Show Back, Consumer Generated Insights, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Fashion Blogging, Affiliate Marketing.

wolf.serchendising suite

design wolf is pioneering the future of search and discovery. Combine real-time behavioural data with visual AI to predict the products most likely to convert for each shopper.

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StyleWalk@Rajgopalnagarin Bangalore is our first mock Phygital retail pod space. At Style Walk, our immersive technology enables our franchisees to provide them with a unique styling service for their client unique multi-designer curation of that store.

virtual trial lab

A Virtual Trial Lab is a digital space where you can create your customer profile based on wearer trial model.

This Avatar will be the clone of your wear trail model. You can try any virtual samples before even sketching your line sheets.


Join our 12 Weeks T-shape program designed for fashion professionals. Cocooning is an approach to help your idea, concept, innovation, couture ensemble, pret line, brand or licence label to come alive. We help your digital transformation. From new found idea cocoon into a Digital Artist, Fashionomist and LifeStyle Curator in the “Phygital” space like never before.

TUKACENTER-Communal microfactories offering fashion services

Tukatech applications combine the artistry of traditional fashion production with the efficiency of modern manufacturing, culminating in an end-to-end fashion technology powerhouse. We simplify design and development processes and create fashion technology that companies of every size use to bring the right product to the consumer at the right time.

At TukaCenter we help Brands with solutions using the Tukatech 2d & 3d. For the Design Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Small Manufactures A 3 day Residential program with workstations having Tuka Softwares for Pattern Making, Grading, 3d visualisation that will enable you to create your fashion idea into reality – From to Mind to Market.


Bespoken is the SAAS tool for fashion professionals.

The  Features: Events | Product Catalogue | Swipe Right | Pricing Poll is designed to help subscribers to build Brand Content that is Consumer Generated and It helps Brand Managers and Design Entrepreneurs to devise the brand strategies and Test Product assortments using the A/B testing and 3d design tools

About us

It's your place to create innovative fashion
Design Wolf Studio helps fashion brands with a space where you create fashion using our cutting edge technology, tools and interventions like never before. We constantly bring for you digital resources and know how that enables you to create the fashion that has an impact on your consumers. We help you with brand stories that create an authentic experiences. The stories that go viral as the result of work you do with your brand at Design Wolf Studio.

Jagdish Chawla | Linkedin

Founder and President of Design Wolf believes that great ideas can transform the world.
Jagdish Chawla is the guy who walks in with the unusual: a breakthrough strategy, a new concept, a creative execution that impacts, if not changes the design space he’s working in with you.
He’s a highly strategic thinker, which makes him unique and has an ability to make teams participate and work together with breakthrough results.
He connects the functions of communications across all digital technologies into seamlessly integrated marketing. Brand narrative is a communication approach he uses that gives way to new concepts–it mines the richness of a brand and generates new ways to express it.
An industry expert, Jagdish Chawla with over 27 years of endeavour in brand & product development, consumer engagement, marketing, and fashion merchandising, he has developed the skill, technology and ability to build teams that deliver authentic brand experience.
Key Values that drive him are Passion, Strategic Thinking, Innovation and Velocity

Saakshi Chawla | Linkedin

About Saakshi Chawla
The Chief Design Advisor of Design Wolf believes that fashion is the attempt to realise art in living forms. Saakshi Chawla seeks to humanize fashion for people.
She believes that clothing must celebrate everybody distinctively, while keeping in purview the impact of the industry on the carbon footprint.
As a young designer who is architecturally trained, she reckons that form ever follows function, that how something appears is always derived from purpose.
With a taste for the atypical and a keen-eye for colour, Saakshi keeps an eye out for the quirk in life. Key Values that drive her are Authenticity, Simplicity, Innovation and Care for humanity.

Design Wolf - Verticals
3D Virtual Artist- Design Wolf Studio
Digital Pattern Making -Tukacentre
AI Stylist- Bespoken
Data Science-Real Time Analytics

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