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Are you ready to join a tribe of passionate fashion, architecture, and design (FAD) professionals? We are on a mission to amplify your brand's vision through the power of digital transformation, market intelligence, and exceptional design and product development. Let us be the creative extension of your brand, a place of fun, support, and unwavering dedication to taking your fashion brand to soaring new heights. Let's make your fashion dreams a reality, together.

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One tool to rule them all

At Design Wolf Studio, we are the Swiss Army knife of the fashion industry. Our services are like the trusty tool that you can rely on for any job. From product development and tech-pack making to digital pattern making, we have all the blades you need to cut through the competition and make your mark in the world of fashion.

About Design Wolf Studio
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From Concept to Creation

Design Wolf Studio is more than just a design partner – we’re your ultimate concept-to-creation guide. From the inception of your ideas, our expert team will help you bring them to life with stunning illustrations and 3D renders that will leave you in awe. Once you’re happy with the design, our skilled pattern makers will translate it into precise digital patterns that ensure an accurate cut and perfect fit. And if that’s not enough, we’ll even take care of turning your vision into a proto sample, so you can see your design come to life in real time. Don’t settle for mediocre – choose Design Wolf Studio for your ultimate concept-to-creation journey.

Tech-Pack Magic

Tech-Pack Magic: Watch Your Fashion Dreams Take Flight” – Our tech-pack-making service is the secret wand every fashion designer needs. With precision engineering and attention to detail, our detailed specifications, measurements, and materials all packaged neatly in one place, watch as your ideas take flight and become a reality. And the best part? Our tech-packs are like the cockpit manual for your product, ensuring immaculate perfection. With every factory worldwide having access to the same structured presentation, you can enjoy hassle-free execution with effortless perfection, taking your designs to new heights.

"Showback" time

Experience Your Collection Like Never Before at Style walk Pop-up – At Design Wolf Studio, we believe that every collection needs a compelling narrative and the right context to test its waters. That’s why we invite your core customers to the Showback, the culmination of our residential workshop. With live shopping demos and interactive presentations, you’ll get a prototype insight into your collection and capture valuable feedback. Our proprietary tool, Bespoken-SAAS tool, takes it even further by improving your product before it goes into manufacturing, resulting in a 30% improvement in your full-price sell-through. Don’t just sell fashion, create an unforgettable experience with Showback.

Crafting Your Vision to Reality:

Design Wolf’s Sample Development Service helps bring your vision to life by crafting high-quality samples that accurately reflect your design ideas. Our team of skilled professionals works closely with you to understand your vision and translate it into a physical reality. With a focus on precision, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality, we ensure that your samples are not only beautiful but also functional and comfortable to wear. Let us help you turn your design dreams into reality with our expert sample development service.

Unleash Your Creative Genius at Design Wolf: Innovation Workshops & Luxury Retreats Await!"

Join us for a 3-day residential retreat at Design Wolf Studio, where you’ll meet and learn from industry experts in fashion trend forecasting, pattern-making, sustainability, and more. Our retreat offers a unique opportunity to ideate with sustainability experts on fabric development and sourcing strategies. Stay in our luxurious residential suites at Oasis Hospitality facilities and bring your brand to life with innovative solutions. Don’t miss this chance to craft your vision and take your fashion startup to the next level.

TUKACENTER-Communal microfactories offering fashion services

At Design Wolf, we believe in blending the latest fashion technology with our design expertise to provide the best services to our clients. By partnering with Tukatech, we have access to cutting-edge software and solutions for pattern making, grading, and 3D visualization. This, combined with our team’s expertise in design and development, allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services that meet the diverse needs of our clients. From concept to creation, we use the best of both worlds to bring our clients’ visions to life in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Bespoken, our innovative SAAS tool, was designed with fashion professionals in mind. With its cutting-edge features, including Events, Product Catalogue, Swipe Right, and Pricing Poll, subscribers can easily create consumer-generated brand content. Bespoken is a game-changer for brand managers and design entrepreneurs, allowing them to devise effective brand strategies and test product assortments using our state-of-the-art A/B testing and 3D design tools. At Design Wolf, we’re proud to offer this industry-leading solution to our clients, providing them with the tools they need to stay ahead of the game in the ever-evolving fashion industry.

About us

Imagine a space where innovation meets fashion. Where creativity flows and boundaries are broken. Welcome to Design Wolf Studio. Our cutting-edge technology, tools, and interventions are here to help you create fashion that makes an impact like never before. With our digital resources and know-how, the possibilities are endless. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of crafting brand stories that create authentic experiences. Stories that captivate your audience and go viral. At Design Wolf Studio, it's not just fashion, it's a revolution.

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Jagdish Chawla | Linkedin

Founder and President of Design Wolf believes that great ideas can transform the world.
Jagdish Chawla is the guy who walks in with the unusual: a breakthrough strategy, a new concept, a creative execution that impacts, if not changes the design space he’s working in with you.
He’s a highly strategic thinker, which makes him unique and has an ability to make teams participate and work together with breakthrough results.
He connects the functions of communications across all digital technologies into seamlessly integrated marketing. Brand narrative is a communication approach he uses that gives way to new concepts–it mines the richness of a brand and generates new ways to express it.
An industry expert, Jagdish Chawla with over 27 years of endeavour in brand & product development, consumer engagement, marketing, and fashion merchandising, he has developed the skill, technology and ability to build teams that deliver authentic brand experience.
Key Values that drive him are Passion, Strategic Thinking, Innovation and Velocity

1x1 Saakshi

Saakshi Chawla | Linkedin

About Saakshi Chawla
The Chief Design Advisor of Design Wolf believes that fashion is the attempt to realise art in living forms. Saakshi Chawla seeks to humanize fashion for people.
She believes that clothing must celebrate everybody distinctively, while keeping in purview the impact of the industry on the carbon footprint.
As a young designer who is architecturally trained, she reckons that form ever follows function, that how something appears is always derived from purpose.
With a taste for the atypical and a keen-eye for colour, Saakshi keeps an eye out for the quirk in life. Key Values that drive her are Authenticity, Simplicity, Innovation and Care for humanity.

Design Wolf - Verticals
3D Virtual Artist- Design Wolf Studio
Digital Pattern Making -Tukacentre
AI Stylist- Bespoken
Data Science-Real Time Analytics

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