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Co-Create your 3D Brand Avatar


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Co-Create Your 3d Sample with the Design Wolf Design Mentor.

Create your 3D Avatar and customise it as per your Brand Salience. In this session, you will additionally co-create one style option of your choice with the help of the Senior Design Mentor. This Session will Transform the way you will work going forward using our Pertotyping Approach to Product Development.
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What’s your Body Shape


This is a Unique workshop with the digital artist at Design wolf studio. In this session, you create a 3d Avatar that resonates with your Brand. This one time creation will help you build your collections using cutting edge 3d technology. With this orientation about the 3D Proto sample, you will be in a position to also co-create one outfit of your choice for free from the available pattern block for any body shape of your choice.

What to learn?

In this program, you will get to co-create a dress or shirt as per your choice of Body Shape using our in-house blocks. The bonus is you will get a free pattern to use from the design wolf studio archive.

Target Audience

  • For those busy fashion professionals who what to test a new style without investing in the sample development cost, we offer this prototype service. This unique offering is created for designers of the 12-week t-shape program, who can now introduce new styles with a foolproof method to ensure assured Full Price Sell through. It helps then visualise the style with its drape and fit as good as trying the real sample on your fit model and creating pictures for the swipe cards to seek feedback from the target consumers. Also an opportunity to pre-book orders before actaul production.


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Founder and president of Design Wolf believes that great ideas can transform the world. Jagdish Chawla is the guy who walks in with the unusual: a breakthrough strategy, a new concept, a creative execution that impacts, if not changes, the

Material Includes

  • Includes pattern making.



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