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Frequently Asked Question

It’s a Trend Forecasting Contest design professionals play with themselves and collaboratively with DW fraternity to gain mastery in the skill of forecasting trend.

Based on the selection criteria the trendians will be shortlisted for the treadathon. Only the shortlisted applicants will be intimidated after 4th July when the registration closes.

This contest does not promise any job offer for you. However, with this participation you will get an exposure of being associated with Pantone and Design Wolf, which can help you in your career and Industry exposure in the process.

You have to A) Spot the trend Right and B) Create the most compelling themeboard based on the trend forecast for your market basis the style statement generated for your self or your brand or consumer segment. C) Translate the Theme into 20 to 25 micro them cards (400X550 pixel) D) Share Micro Them boards to your targeted consumer or well wishers for POLL(Right Swipes)

like any art form needs mastery predicting a trend well is also n art that needs practice. This Platform by Design Wolf provides an environment for design professionals to fine tune their trend forecasting skill in a conducive and collaborative environment. This event will enable you to build your skill to forecast trend to the next level. Secondly, it will give you a visibility with Pantone and the world class design community of Design Wolf and the DW Council.

This season Design Wolf is offering the participants free entry which would cost 20,000 per registration.

We don’t promise any new clients, however since you will be participating as part of design wolf community there could be possible business opportunities. However we don’t promise anything as part of the contest.

Trendathon like a marathon is a non-competitive race where each one of is playing to better your game of trend forecasting using your skill of design in various disciplines to give out the best in you.

Kindly Register here: We will schedule an Interview Soon with you once your RSVP.

Please click the above link to register in a few clicks you will be part of the Contest!

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