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This 3D Fashion designing masterclass will help you to get started! The CLO 3D a beginners’ course which will teach you everything you need to start creating 3D garments. In this course, you will learn all the necessary basics most shortly and efficiently as possible. You don’t need any previous knowledge of 3D modeling software or the basics of Pattern Making, because we will start from the very beginning and the study materials will be provided to work with the software.
CLO 3D | 10 Days course | Level 1 & 2 | Live Sessions
About Lesson
  • Introduction of the software
  • Window explanation (Library, History, Modular configurator, Object Browser, property Editor) 2D & 3D workspace & Settings.
  • Avatar properties (Customize avatar, hair, poses, size variations, shoes, texture).
  • Hangers, zoom options, navigation
  • Gizmo, camera options, custom view
  • Default garment saving onto the library
  • Update software
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