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Advanced Program -10 Habits of a Super Forecaster
A Designer Buyer and Marketer of fashion has one common trait that makes them all Super forecaster. They build their qualitative lense to help them illuminate their fantasy into reality. They constantly build their qualitative muscle memory by participating in conversation which has a language of a qualitative thinker.
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Illuminating Numbers: As designers and product developers we like to dream our fantasies to create our collection, we are here to make that possible into the new realities by dealing with numbers with a couple of new habits and way of looking at the quantitative aspect of your dream fantasies.

5. Play 20 Questions: Most of us are afraid to ask questions for the fear of looking stupid. But the good news is there are no stupid questions. And questions from generic to specific can make us read our predictions more accurately.

6. Build Models: Of course not an Airplane model. It’s a simple structure to your way of arriving at the right predictions of a period of time. For example, theme board is a kind of model

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